Canadian Police And Peace Officer's Memorial

A standard application form must be completed for appropriate consideration in accordance with the following five guidelines:

1. The deceased must have been a sworn paid, full time peace officer in Canada serving as a regular member or employee of a federal, provincial, municipal law enforcement agency or service and died as a result of an external influence. (For greater clarity, this criteria does not include private agencies, auxiliary personnel or other volunteers)

2. The deceased must have been on duty at the time of death, or if off duty, acting in the capacity of a police or peace officer or the circumstances leading to the death must have been brought about because of the officer's official status.

3. The deceased officer must have acted in good faith in doing everything that could have been reasonably expected.

4. Notwithstanding the above, any set of circumstances which led to the death of an officer, may be considered.

5. The application must be approved by the organization concerned and submitted to "The Memorial".

6. All sections are mandatory information. The submission will not be accepted unless all sections are completed.